User Guide


  1. Overview
  2. Using the grocery list
    1. Add Items to your Grocery List
    2. Mark items complete or incomplete
    3. Delete Items in your Grocery List
    4. Delete All Completed Items
  3. Managing Recipes
  4. Meal Plans
    1. Creating a meal
  5. Settings and Utilities
    1. iOS Reminders and Setup
    2. Date and Time Settings
    3. Grocery List Auto Add
    4. Backing Up and Restoring Data
  6. URL Callback Scheme


The Ketchup app is broken down into four main sections with corresponding tabs at the bottom of the screen.

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Using the grocery list

The grocery list in Ketchup was designed so you could use it one-handed. Editing your grocery list dding items, completing items, deleting items, and clearing completed items can all be done with touch gestures.

Add Items to your Grocery List

You can create a new grocery list item by pressing the plus button “+” at the top-right of the screen. The keyboard will appear for you to edit the item.

Plus Button

Pull Down To Create - Touch Gesture

You can also drag down on the grocery list to create a new item. As you are dragging down, you will see a message above the list that says “Pull Down To Create”. Once you have dragged far enough down, the message will say “Release To Create”.

Drag Down To Create

Release to Create

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Reorder Grocery List

Release to Create

Mark items complete or incomplete

To mark items in your grocery list as complete, tap on the circle and the checkmark will appear. You can also swipe the list item from left to right.

Tap Circle

Delete Items in your Grocery List

To delete an item in your grocery list, swipe the list item from right to left. Once the

Delete All Completed Items

You can delete all your completed items either by tapping on the “delete” next to the Completed header or pull up from the bottom of the list.

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Managing Recipes

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Planning Meals

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Settings and Utilities

Import iOS Reminders to Groceries

(“Hey Siri…”)

You can have Ketchup import iOS reminders and add them to your grocery list.


Date and Time Settings

You can change how dates and times are displayed in Ketchup through the Date and Time settings.

Grocery List Auto Add

You can have Ketchup automatically add ingredients to your grocery list as you approach scheduled meals.

You can have Ketchup automatically add ingredients up to 14 days in advance of when a recipe is schedule.

Backing Up and Restoring Data

While your Ketchup data is backed up as a part of iCloud backups on iOS, you can export your Ketchup data and restore data from a previous backup.


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URL Callback Scheme

The URL Callback Scheme allows other applications to add things to your Ketchup grocery list. Some apps that take advantage of callback schemes for automating tasks include Drafts, Launcher Pro, Workflow, and Editorial.

Add item to grocery list

You can add an item to your grocery list using the following syntax:


Add multiple items

You can add multiple items with the callback scheme by specifying multiple item parameters like the example below:


NOTE: If you include spaces or other special characters in the names of your items, make sure they are URL encoded. For more information about URL encoding, look here.